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Laura Langston, MA, MT-BC

Music Therapist and Bereavement Counselor

Laura has been with Interim Hospice for two years and has six years of hospice experience.  She finds daily joy playing with her two dogs and spending quality time with friends and family.  She initially encountered grief work as a hospice music therapist and felt compelled to serve as a bereavement counselor after witnessing the great impact grief has on everyone's life at some point.  As Queen Elizabeth II said, "grief is the price we pay for love."  She believes healing in grief is possible for anyone.”

Madeline Smith, MT-BC

Music Therapist and Bereavement Counselor

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Jillian Storm, MA, MT-BC

Music Therapist and Bereavement Counselor

Jill has been with Interim Hospice for over 3 years and has had the opportunity to meet hundreds of amazing people in the Upstate.  Originally from Indiana, Jill now enjoys hiking and biking in WNC where she lives now.  Jill got both her bachelor's and master's degrees in music therapy from Saint Mary of the Woods College and continues to work towards specialized certifications in other therapeutic techniques and interventions.

Chris Strom

Interim Hospice Bereavement Volunteer

I started doing grief work as a "grief buddy" with a friend in 2003.  I first helped in the setup of a grief support group program in 2007 and have co-facilitated grief groups since 2008.  I have been volunteering with Interim Hospice since 2014 and inspired Interim to redesign the grief support program to follow the model created by Dr. Alan Wolfelt.  The work is rewarding when at the end of ten weeks, participants offer heartfelt thanks for helping them understand their grief and how to eventually become reconciled to the losses they have suffered.

I find comfort and strength in the following verse from the Bible: "Be anxious for nothing but by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, make your requests know to God." Phil 4:6

I enjoy watching Major League Baseball and particularly follow the Chicago Cubs team.  I have taken up cooking since retiring from full time work at the end of 2017.  During my working career, I was an actuary  for over 40 years.

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