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Audio and Visual Grief Support

Above is the trailer for "Speaking Grief", a documentary on grief created in 2020. The full documentary is now available for viewing and can be found by clicking the button below

Below are two Ted Talks on grief and grieving, highlighting being present in grief and what it means to move through grief instead of moving on from it:

Grief Observed: Using Movies to Move through Grief

by Marty Tousley, Bereavement Counselor

Copyright © Marty Tousley. All rights reserved

"Movies and DVD rentals that dramatize others coming to terms with their pain may serve as a valuable tool to help you and your family members move through the grieving process.

Getting in touch with the painful feelings of grief and releasing blocked or pent-up emotions by having a good cry can be cleansing and stress-reducing. Movies can be an effective tool in addressing certain grief issues, especially when your selections are made consciously and deliberately.

Before you see or rent a movie, take time to read the film's description and reviews to help you decide whether watching it will support you at this point in your grief journey. Pay attention to whatever feelings and reactions come up for you while watching it, and let yourself cry if you need to. If you're not comfortable doing this alone, ask a trusted friend or family member to watch the movie with you, and discuss it together afterward.

In this spirit, this list of movies for those in mourning is offered, categorized by the aspect of grief primarily addressed in a given film or DVD."


Click the button below to access the full list:

Phone Apps for the Griever



Grief Refuge

Podcasts on Grief

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