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Upcoming Events

  • Hope and Help for the Holidays and Beyond 2023
    Tue, Nov 14
    We are pleased and honored that Mindfulness Speaker and Author Heather Stang (MA, C-IAYT) will be our keynote speaker this year. More details and registration to come!
  • Grief 101 Presentation
    Please Request a Presentation
    Upstate South Carolina
    Request a presentation! Churches, facilities, nursing homes, and community groups may be questioning how they can support their members and loved ones. We would be honored to share a 60-90 minute educational presentation about the basics of grief and how to get help.
  • Spartanburg Grief Support Group: June-August 2023
    Mondays (3-4 pm)
    Join us in person and find a community of compassionate friends to walk with you on your grief journey.
Upcoming Events: Upcoming Events
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