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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your fees?

Interim Hospice Bereavement services are free of charge to all in the Upstate.

What are grief groups?

*see our grief group page for more in-depth explanations.

What types of support do you provide?

Our bereavement counselors provide support in the form of brief, in-person support, phone support, connections to community resources, referral to local therapists and groups, 10-week grief groups, and grief-related public events.

Do I need to have been cared for by Interim Hospice in order to receive support?

No.  While we do offer more in-depth support for up to 13 months for families and friends of our hospice patients, we don't require any previous affiliation with our hospice services.

We aim to serve and support both our patients and community members.

What are some books you recommend for grievers?

There are three texts at the top of our recommendation list:

Alan Wolfelt's "Understanding Your Grief:  Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing in Your Heart"

Megan Devine's "It's OK That You're Not OK"

Heather Stang's "Mindfulness and Grief"

Why did you choose artichokes for the photo of this page?

We chose to a photo of artichokes as a reminder of what grief can be like at times.  Someone once shared a story of grocery shopping after their partner died.  Looking up from their list, they saw an artichoke and began to cry aloud.  They remembered always buying them for their loved one, and it brought waves of sadness, love, and grief.  Sometimes, we can be going about our day, feeling "fine" and then are reminded of those we have lost.  Our grief groups are a wonderful place to share your story and to talk about your own process.

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