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Helpful Websites

What's Your Grief

This online resource offers blog posts, booklets, brochures, and online courses to help you better understand the grieving process

Refuge in Grief

Created by Megan Devine, author of book "It's OK That You're Not OK," this site offers validating articles and resources to help you feel relatable and emotionally connected in your grief

The Garden

This group offers support and resources to healing and wholeness for women who are on the broken road of motherhood

Good Grief

Good Grief offers tips and advice on how to navigate grief, including how to talk to children, how to navigate the holidays, and how to handle grief in the day-to-day

Our House

This site offers a wide variety of pages and PDF resources to assist the griever and their loved ones as they learn to walk through grief 

Center For Loss and Life Transition

Created by Alan Wolfelt, author of "Understanding Your Grief," this site shares many basics of grief and mourning for both the griever and the helper

Grief in Six Words

A place to feel seen and heard, where a community of grievers finds ways to share how they're feeling in 6 word phrases

Hope For The Broken-Hearted

A Christian-based resource for those that desire to approach their grief and loss through the lens of their faith

Videos, articles, and a variety of other tips and guidance for the griever and the helper

Open To Hope

A non-profit organization committed to helping people find hope after loss through offerings of articles, podcasts, and books

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